Video: An Open Letter to Google+

This video is part of an series celebrating the contributions of Google+. For articles from the series, see “Let’s Have a Proper Wake for Google+ . . . Let’s Celebrate,” “Google+ . . . The Big Idea Before Its Time,” “On the Shoulders of Google+,” “Google+ Made Us Better,” or “Google+ Helped Us Grow.” You may also be interested in our podcast episode, “Thank You, Google+,” or the other two videos in our series, “Video: Hey Google+,” and “Video: Google+ for All of Us.”

As we enjoy the remaining days of Google+, it’s so good to look back and remember what it’s given us. Join us in reflecting on the communities we love, and how they’ve honored our shared interests, passions, and hopes for the future. Three weeks to go—let’s treasure every moment.

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