Let’s Have a Proper Wake for Google+. Let’s Celebrate.

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A month from today, Google+ goes away. Much has been said about its impending death, but have we said enough about the good it did and the blessings it brought?

Here’s the picture Mike Elgan painted of the platform’s glory days:

“Imagine a social network where geeks have higher follower counts than celebrities. Where there’s no advertising. Where trolls get crushed and ordinary people have a voice. Where smart people gather for long, detailed and interesting conversations. Where most streams aren’t algorithmically filtered. Where photographs appear at full quality. Where social networking engagement leads to actual, real-life friendships.”

In so many ways, Google+ was ahead of its time. With the hardships (and horrors) of social media regularly in our newsfeeds, we can see more clearly the benefits of Circles, and the value of deleting, reporting, and blocking disruptive commenters with a single click.

Recently, an early adopter told us several stories about people whose lives were saved—quite literally—because Google+ community members cared as much about each other as their shared passion.

And think what Google+ introduced with Hangouts and Hangouts on Air. The DNA strands of those innovations are still in the social media gene pool.

Everywhere you look, the fundamental pillars of Google+, like the stone columns of The Acropolis of Athens, stand as powerful reminders that progress in the digital age is iterative. We owe much to those pioneers who’ve gone before.

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Before Google+ is laid to rest, let’s have a proper wake. Let’s celebrate.