Podcast Episode 2: Thank You, Google+

This episode is part of an EmbraceLife.tech series celebrating the contributions of Google+. For articles from the series, see “Let’s Have a Proper Wake for Google+ . . . Let’s Celebrate,” “Google+ . . . The Big Idea Before Its Time,” “On the Shoulders of Google+,” “Google+ Made Us Better,” or “Google+ Helped Us Grow.” You may also be interested in our three-video series, “Video: An Open Letter to Google+,” “Video: Hey Google+,” and “Video: Google+ for All of Us.”

As we say goodbye to Google+ in a couple of weeks, we pause to remember the stories of a platform where real people connected around topics that were mutually important to them, where they built communities that looked after one another, and where they created a world where everyone could be their authentic self. Philip Olsen, a Google+ moderator who built communities of nearly 50 million members, and his cousin, Bryce Anderson, join us to remember the good days of Google+.

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